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Our vehicles and our drivers


The widest range of vehicles in the Turin area

Full-optional vehicles, all with sat-nav

Possibility to request our top cars – if you want to travel in luxury with an exclusive car

Minivan with 4 to 7 comfortable and safe seats – for small groups or families who want to travel in comfort

Minibus with 8, 13, 16 or 19 seats – for group transfers

Vehicles with platform with 8 or 16 seats – equipped for the transport of disabled passengers

Gran Turismo Bus with 25, 30, 35, 54 or 56 seats – for transfers, trips of long tours.

CTA: an answer to all your requests!


At CTA, our goal is to keep our clients satisfied.

Our drivers are highly qualified and experienced,  friendly but responsible in all instances.

As a team, we support our clients in organising the journey, and guarantee a pleasant and safe drive.


We pay great attention to training: our employees are offered courses in all areas: communication, safe driving, emotion management, team building.

CTA: we improve our performance to keep our clients happy!



Free phone number: 848.788.711

E-mail: prenotazioni@cta-to.com

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The main Goal of our Business is to Provide Customer Satisfaction for Clients.

All drivers are hightly skilled and qualified.

CTA will assist you in planning to ensure efficient execution and above all, a successful outcome of your service.

We care about employees growth and development: each year we organise staff training on communication, Safe Driving, team building.

CTA: customer satisfaction through the growth of the staff!


Our history


CTA commenced in April 1995 under the name “Consorzio Taxisti Aeroposto di Caselle”. Our founding partners were all taxi drivers, and their aim was to stick together and bring to the attention of the public the many issues related to the transport of people, which at the time was a sector undergoing dramatic regulatory changes.

In time, thanks to a direct knowledge of passengers’ needs and to some thorough market researches, the Consorzio shifted its focus on clients. At this stage, some of our partners decided to leave the Consorzio, which is now in the hands of those of us who really believed in our project – first of all out President in office, Mr Ivano Gallino.

These are hard times, the competition is fierce and funding is scarce. However, our recipe for success is clarity towards our clients: set fees and a high quality service. Here is an example of our partners’ farsightedness: in those years, the Consorzio launched its website, which was hosted by an English internet provider because there were no Italian providers!

Things started going well and our success brought in some new partners: this is when we shifted from taxi services to chauffeur-driven car hire. Since then, our business has grown exponentially: from the ISO9002 quality certificate in 2000 to the opening of our airport desk and the transformation of CTA into a modern business which is top of the league in its field.

Today CTA employs, together with its partners, 11 staff and 10 drivers. It is a business with a solid organisation, a sophisticated management software and a great level of client satisfaction.


CTA: a history of success with a focus on our clients!